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Amarta Project
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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Frenetic - There is One Bird in My House.....

Todays listening - "Crazy" by Seal.

In the immortal words of my fellow edgwarian Lee Kern, it's kicking off, it's kicking off - the chip shop's kicking off.

The thing with apples, is that you take a bite, masticate, savour and enjoy. Too small a bite, and you're chewing air. Too big, you choke. My current bite of life's apple is a little too large compared to my usual mouthful. But I'm just the right side of choking today, so it can only really be a good thing. Thursday the 28th October is turning out. Mild and autumnal, with a sky so grey that if you poked a paintbrush into the clouds you could paint the world charcoal. Proceedings today have been as they should have been - sitting in front of a computer screen at various lego bricks of data trying to arrange them into something that resembles, well - music. It's a task that isn't quite finished yet, but a man cannot live by music alone - he needs buns and blogs too.
I've got to the point where I'm currently sick to death of listening to my own music, and have had my gob choked by my (present) inability to finish any of it. So, remixing is the order of the day. Bubbling under is "Red Headed Devil Woman" by Odissi, my take on it being if it ain't broke, don't fix it. But here lies a quandary that halts progress - what if your remix is broke? What if you're not sure that it's either homage laden and doffing a cap to the original, proclaiming its genius in a slightly remodelled form, or if it's just an unimaginative pile of gorilla turd? Worse still, a cross between the two? The sky isn't the only thing that's grey on this day today. Time, and ears, will tell. Bubbling under part 2, is "Bird 1" by Underworld. A scheming brooding track with nightmarishly beautiful vocals and a bassline so simple and effective it would dislodge your spleen as soon as look at you. What Amarta fairy dust has been sprinkled on this beauty? A reworked bassline which gives the track a less edgy more musical take, leading to a progressive break that, if goes to plan, will knock your tits/balls off. Here's hoping.

No actually, fuck hope. I don't have time - they both have a deadline. 1st November. Eek. It's going to be a long night. Grey will be black by then - grey is middle, it's nothing, it's confusion. Black, black is where it happens. It's deep, it's cold - it's sexual and elegant. My little black tracks.

Bubbling under - three. "Secret Garden" by Cora Novoa. It's beautiful and simple. Justin would drop this on the Rehab at 4am, only to find it should have been dropped by Armin at midnight - unravelled, it's chill which goes trancey on your ass. Is it working? Seems to be - tell ya when I've finished, hmm? Deadline 8th November - time enough.

That bun was good. Cars parking over my driveway to pick up kids from the school across the road are NOT pissing me off today. That's good.

Oh and speaking of grey....

"Beauty without colour seems somehow to belong to another world.
(|Of a snow covered landscape)"
- Murasaki Shikibu

Winter is coming, Here's to the neutrals.

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