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Amarta Project
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Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Today's listening - Frequent Traveller - 'East Croydon'

Hello. Thought it was about time to update you a little bit on the actual innards of this blog, namely - me being an electronic musician and producer.

Let me clarify the grammar. I am NOT electronic. My music is.

As it's my blog, and it's 'my name above the door' so to speak, I reserve the right to wiffle on about anything I want. (What kind of pants have you got on? Now? Really?? Kinky.) But as such I did set it up to tell the adorati about my music, so maybe an update on that would be nice, yeah?

Days switch between creative flow and creative dam. At the moment, happy to report, that it's flowing.

Yesterday, a prime example. Two new tracks born, and a piano piece written at 3am after being inspired by a documentary on More4 ('Catfish' - watch it) Rolled into bed at 6am feeling quite pleased with days like this....why can't every day be like this?

Today, much cutting and pasting arranging a brass section for one of the tracks I started yesterday, lessons learnt. Musically? NuDisco. Eighties synths, Weekender groove with a Deadmaus kick. Sch-weet.

Other lurking in the background with their hands in the air saying "Me next, me next!" - more floor based grooves, some funk, plenty of chillout - a sparkle of electro and breakbeat. My children are beautiful.


There does seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel. I am increasing more confident an album will be born soon. About fucking time. How it will sound I don't know - there is enough variation for three albums, but not enough music for three albums - and to be honest I'm not sure how much work one album is going to be at the moment, let alone three. Stick 'em in the bank eh?

Spring is my favourite time of the year. The air smells of life, and days are so much more welcoming and energetic. There is EVERY chance I have been infused.

I've also bought a telescope. Geek.

Through all of my inner struggle with the norm, and as hard as days are - relentless, unforgiving, hurtful - I am SURE I shall look back on these pearldiving days and regard them as the best days of my life.



  1. I love you, I love your creativity, I love your passion and your emotion, I love your sensitivity and your style. You are a star x

  2. p.s. Catfish has an odd kinda draw to it, huh.... I meant to remind you it was on the ole goggle box but you didn't need me to ;-) xx